Thank you Stockholm!

A huge thanks to all of you that came and rocked with Stingray in Stockholm!!!  We had a blast and we hope to be back soon! we’re looking at more gigs right now and  there’s gonna be some real great news coming your way shortly…. we’re also gonna finish the last recordings for the album during the fall! cheers for now!

Stingray Youtube channel

Hi therre rockers!!! The recordings is going great and we´re looking forward to playing you guys the new songs!! In the meantime, check out our brand new youtube channel!!! We´re gonna upload lots of stuff in the future including new clips from the studio sessions… cheers for now!!

Drum recordings

Hey there! Today Matt finished his last two tracks of drumrecordings for the new album! So now we’re gonna move on to some more bas and guitars later this week! We can’t wait to play you the new album! It’s gonna be heavy!!! Rock On!!  

Stingray Youtube Channel

Hey there rockers! Stingray has a new youtube channel for you to check out! It’s under construction right now and we’re gonna fill it with lot’s of more clips for you from concerts and from the studio etc… So make sure you follow our youtube channel for the latest updates in the world of Stingray Follow this link:

Thank you Granit Rock Festival!!!

We would like to thank Granit Rock Festival for a great weekend!!! And a big thanks to all the other bands and people that came and rocked the festival!!!! Stingray played a short 35min set on saturday and we focused on the new songs from the coming album, here´s the setlist from Granit Rock: Midnight Sun Still walking tall Living on my own Walking in the shadows The tramp T.O.D. Garden of filth Crescent Moon Here´s a link with some of the fotos: